Basement Waterproofing Nashville TN

Basement waterproofing in Nashville, TN is the perfect way to improve your home’s basement water problems. There is nothing worse than basement flooding condition to ruin your day. The foundation walls leak and everything has that smell, that musty basement air. However, when you get the basement waterproofed you add a piece of mind that your home will not have that smell. Your home will be protected and you can even expand your living space to the basement. Getting ample living space from basement waterproofing is a huge return.

After all, a basement that has water problems is really quite useless. But, if you get those issues under control you will certainly be able to use the basement and enjoy having more time away from each other. Running dehumidifiers for basements can help for the time being. But a dehumidifier for basements is not the final solution. The water will continue to accumulate and you’ll have to take action at some point and look into basement waterproofing in Nashville, TN.

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If you are wanting to rid your home of that musty basement-like smell, give us a call. We work with all kinds of different basements, crawlspaces, or waterproofing foundation problems to ensure you’re covered. We offer a transferable service guarantee on all of our work. This alone should speak volumes about our family-owned and operated company. Contact us today. We stand behind our work and not only while you live there, but when you move as well. Here at DryZone Waterproofing, we want our clients to have a dry basement and crawls spaces for that building as long as we are in business. We are neat and take great pride in keeping our work area neat and tidy at all times.

Basement Waterproofing Nashville TN

Waterproof Basements

We offer basement waterproofing systems and a waterproof crawl space with our encapsulation process. This will ensure that your basement or crawl space will not be damp again.

dehumidifier for basements Nashville TN

Dehumidifier for Basements

Moisture control systems such as basement dehumidifier is another service we offer. We can come in and get your area dry with our moisture control systems.

mold removal nashville

Mold Remediation

When there is moisture and heat there is most likely mold. This is why we offer a mold remediation service. We work in a lot of basements and crawlspaces and find mold issues all the time.

We offer a

transferable warranty

You will only need to invest in this service once to have the outcoming you want. We are located in Middle Tennessee which is a wet area that also has some nice weather in the spring and summer. This combination can mean disaster for basements and crawlspaces. If you are just building a new home, you might consider having us out before you complete it. This allows us to have more room, especially in crawl spaces, to do the very best job. However, if you inherited this wet mess from the previous owner, we can assist with that as well. Basement waterproofing system assists in getting the water out but keeping it out as well. 

Basement Encapsulation

When you get your basement encapsulation, you not only are protecting yourself from mold and moisture but pests too. Pests love dark damp spaces and thrive in them. This is especially true if there is wood in the area that has a risk of breaking down and becoming infested with insects. The basement or crawl space encapsulation process will prevent pests from getting in as well as keep the moisture out. It is made from plastic that works in combination with a proper drainage system that is put into place so that the water will run off into the basement sump pump and be pumped out.

Older basements that are not made of poured concrete have the biggest problem of leaking. If you wait, the leaking will only get worse. And, the more water that comes in, the more structural damage that can occur. It is important that you get the water situation under control as soon as you are made aware. Even if you don’t want to use the basement, it still allows moisture and water intrusion into your home’s foundation that could be dangerous to your health. Moisture will quickly seep into the floorboards and expand up to the basement wall. Moisture that is out of control can create a lot of water damage quickly. 

Waterproof Crawlspace

We also offer a crawl space waterproofing system and waterproofing crawl space repair. When you have water in the crawl space it can make the home smell musty. Not only that, you are probably harboring mold. Where there are dampness and warm air, there is mold growth. We will be happy to take care of that mold issue for you and get your crawlspace taken care of. We offer crawlspace waterproofing services for all of Nashville Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Let us ensure that your home’s foundation is protected from mold by getting your Nashville basement and crawlspace waterproofing done before it’s too late.

We do this by offering an encapsulation service, which is just as it sounds. We will encapsulate the basement walls, basement floor, and any other things that need protection to ensure that your basement waterproofing and crawl space waterproofing are complete and ready to keep the area waterproof. With a crawl space encapsulation system, there is a good chance that this will only need to be done this one time. Encapsulation is affordable and well, it just works, which is why encapsulation is our chosen method for basement waterproofing and creating a waterproof crawlspace. If you need a waterproof crawlspace, give us a call.

Expand your

Living Space

Waterproof basements provide a space for family gatherings. It is a great way to expand the square footage of your home. And, it is fairly inexpensive when looking to expand your living space. If you are looking for waterproof basements you need to find the experts. The people that can help get your Nashville basement completely waterproof and sealed up. Here at DryZone Waterproofing, provides waterproof basements for all of Nashville, TN, and Middle Tennessee. We work with families to get their basement ready to be remodeled and ready for use. Contact us today. If you have a leaking basement, we are here to help! 

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